The vehicle that puts your needs in the centre.

The vehicle that puts your needs in the centre.

The vehicle that puts your needs in the centre.

Mobility is a fundamental human need. But the demands and expectations we place on it are continuously changing in line with our changing world and circumstances. Today’s prevalent megatrends are increasingly focused on people’s individual mobility needs, which means the premium mobility of the future must put those individual needs at the very heart of vehicle concepts. New concepts where the driver becomes one with their vehicle – and their vehicle, just like the BMW VISION NEXT 100, responds perfectly to their individual desires and needs.

It communicates with the driver ...

That a car can speak to us is nothing special these days. But how about one that signals us intuitively? That’s how the BMW VISION NEXT 100 communicates with us. It does so via Alive Geometry, a mosaic of 800 sensor-activated triangles that forms a dynamic analogue display, spanning the entire surface of the dashboard. These triangles move and turn red in response to other road users or objects in the vehicle’s vicinity, generating dynamic patterns, which alert the driver to potential dangers and prompt them to take action by accelerating or braking in a very subtle and intuitive way. This revolutionary form of preconscious communication all takes place on the dashboard in the driver’s peripheral vision, which means Alive Geometry does not deflect attention from their field of primary vision – the road ahead.

It recognises the driver.

Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, the BMW VISION NEXT 100 recognises when the driver aproaches and opens its wing doors in welcome. To make it easier to get in and out of the car, the steering wheel is initially fully retracted within the vehicle dashboard. Once settled in their seat, the driver only has to touch the BMW logo on the dashboard to activate all vehicle systems and start the engine. The door then automatically closes and the steering wheel folds out – ready for the ultimate driving experience to begin.


But that’s just the beginning. Throughout their journey, the BMW VISION NEXT 100 continues to intelligently adjust to the individual needs of the driver. Whenever the driver switches between Ease Mode or Boost Mode, the vehicle responds accordingly. Interior and exterior light signatures are changed and the positions of headrests, seats, the centre console and steering wheel are all automatically adjusted to match the respective driving mode and the driver’s personal preferences.

It intelligently changes form.

One of the most striking innovations of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 is its fully-closed outer shell. This not only sets new standards in terms of vehicle agility and aerodynamics – it’s also a real revolution in terms of design. Following an innovative Alive Geometry design concept, the vehicle’s outer shell incorporates intelligent materials and elements that can actually change form. Like fully-closed wheel arches, which gracefully come alive when the vehicle is steered – moving dynamically in synch with the wheels during manoeuvres. This totally new approach to vehicle design means the BMW VISION NEXT 100 delivers aerodynamic performance like never before – with a drag coefficient of just 0.18 cW.

Intelligent materials are also used inside the vehicle to enhance the driver’s experience. The seats, for example, are made of innovative mono-materials that change form according to the selected driving mode. During fully-automated Ease Mode, the seat material softens to enhance comfort and aid relaxation. While during active Boost Mode, the material becomes firmer to bring the driver back into their optimum ergonomic driving position.

The future is alive to your needs.

The BMW VISION NEXT 100 provides impressive proof of how tomorrow’s mobility will continue to be an intensely emotional experience. Thanks to revolutionary Alive Geometry, the vehicle is literally alive to your needs as a driver – providing you with intuitive driving support when you need it and intelligently changing form to both enhance your driving performance and deliver truly customised comfort. In this vision of the future, you enter into a true symbiosis with your vehicle – one that’s fully attuned to meeting all your highly-individual mobility needs.

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