Driving our perception of the future.

Driving our perception of the future.

Driving our perception of the future.

Every day we see millions of things. Countless pictures, videos, faces, news, advertisements and more. But we only ever really see a fraction of all the things that exist. Even with 100% vision, the human eye can only perceive certain light waves of the colour spectrum. And of course, we can only ever see what is in our field of vision. We don’t have X-ray vision. We don’t have special night-vision. We also can’t see physical dimensions, temperatures or sound.


Yet despite this, successfully processing all of the things that we are capable of perceiving still presents us with a huge challenge. This is never more evident than when we’re driving. Processing all the information we see through our windscreen, side windows and mirrors – and then analysing it in real-time to decide how we should react, is the ultimate challenge for any driver. But it’s a challenge we will no longer have to face on our own in future. That’s because the BMW VISION NEXT 100 features an innovative Head-Up Display that’s designed to enhance our awareness in any given driving situation. Let’s take a closer look now at how this will dramatically change our perception of driving in the future.


Seeing the big picture.

Imagine being seamlessly and efficiently connected with your vehicle, its surrounding environment and the digital world. Imagine not having to search directly for information yourself, but to receive it as soon as it beomes relevant to your current driving situation. Well, imagine no longer.


The contact-analogue Head-Up Display on the BMW VISION NEXT 100 already envisions the future of driving perception for you. Spanning the vehicle’s entire windscreen, this innovative display supplies you with all the relevant information you need – exactly when and where you need it within your field of vision. It does this by supplementing your view of the real world with additional virtual 3D content on your windscreen. Information that dynamically changes in response to your needs and driving situation in real-time.


The Head-Up Display intelligently adapts the augmented content it supplies you with according to your chosen driving mode so you always have the big picture. In driver-active Boost Mode, you therefore only receive information that will help enhance your awareness so you can optimally handle your current driving situation. For example, by showing you ideal driving lines, acceleration or braking points or navigation instructions. While in fully-automated Ease Mode, the Head-Up Display assumes more the role of a personal tour guide – providing you with augmented information on places of interest along your route, which the vehicle’s Companion has specially selected for you in line with your personal interests. In this way, every journey becomes an enriched experience where you can sit back, relax and learn more about the landmarks and places you travel past.


A new vision for driving performance.

In Boost Mode, the BMW VISION NEXT 100 intelligently adapts all settings to optimally support the driver’s needs, including the contact-analogue Head-Up Display. Virtual 3D content geared towards enhancing the driver’s awareness and performance is dynamically added to their real-world view via the augmented display on the vehicle’s windscreen. Ideal driving lines as well as the optimum braking, steering and acceleration points are shown along with other peformance related information like speed and RPM. The driver can also easily access further information about the vehicle’s current performance and energy status via the “Multi Widget”, an interactive tool which they can place anywhere in their field of vision via gesture control.


With all these perception-enhancing technologies at their disposal, the driver has all the relevant information they now need to fully focus their attention on the road ahead. And this comprehensive support helps them develop an intuitive feel for their own abilities – enhancing their driving performance so they can become the “Ultimate Driver” – the best driver they can possibly be.




A new vision for road safety.

The Head-Up Display not only helps drivers improve their driving performance, it also enhances safety by alerting them to hazards during their journey. In combination with Alive Geometry, an analogue display that extends across the surface of the vehicle’s dashboard, it raises the driver’s awareness to potential dangers from other objects or road users not yet visible to them. This intelligent form of preconscious communication helps prevent accidents by enhancing the driver’s perception beyond their normal field of vision – enabling them to react much quicker to potential dangers.

Always the right information: precisely when and where you need it.

In summary: the Head-Up Display works together with the Companion to continuously filter the most relevant data for the driver – providing them with exactly the information they need, precisely when and where they need it.

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