5 characteristics of tomorrow’s “Ultimate Driver”.

5 characteristics of tomorrow’s “Ultimate Driver”.

5 characteristics of tomorrow’s “Ultimate Driver”.

With the BMW VISION NEXT 100, we’re introducing our vision for the future of mobility: a vehicle concept designed to transform you into the ‚Ultimate Driver’. But what will this mean for you? And how will you recognise yourself when you become the ‚Ultimate Driver’? Let’s take a look at the 5 characteristics of tomorrow’s “Ultimate Driver”.



Totally calm.

Whether you’ve got a meeting in the city centre, a plane to catch or it’s kick-off in the stadium – the vehicle of the future ensures you never miss out thanks to real-time data, calendar access and intelligent routing. No stress. And no hassle. So you can just calmly go about your daily life without ever missing out on a second of your free time.



Relaxed all the way.

We’ve all been there: a wave of red lights, the whole city a construction site, diversion after diversion after diversion. It’s impossible not to get frustrated. But in future we’ll have the option not to be. Should the traffic universe conspire against us again, the Companion offers us two much more pleasant alternatives. Either we let our intelligent co-pilot guide us around traffic problems. Or we switch directly into Ease Mode and use the time to relax or work instead. With the power now in our hands, wasted time and stress become things of the past.




A role model for sustainability.

Growing environmental awareness will lead to us, as drivers thinking much more about how our behaviour impacts on the environment. That’s why in future, easily recyclable mono-materials, carbon-neutral production and the complete rejection of leather will become standards along with emission-free driving.


Always up to date.

From the latest developments in politics and business to what’s the hippest new club in town – while today we spend most of the time in our cars driving, in future we’ll spend more time informing ourselves. Or more likely – being informed by our car.


Always in a good mood.

Whether in sensor-enhancing Boost Mode or in fully autonomous Ease Mode: the pleasure of driving will become an even more emotionally-intense and rewarding experience. With the BMW VISION NEXT 100, the “Ultimate Driver” has the perfect symbiosis of innovative materials and intelligent technologies constantly at their disposal. By combining driver-approved vehicle data with relevant information from its surrounding environment, the vehicle serves to enhance driver perception. Everything in the car is geared towards supporting your needs as a driver – and providing you with new tailored experiences.

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